Foreign companies often wish to transfer certain of their employees to Hong Kong in connection with setting up business operations in Hong Kong. They will need to obtain a Hong Kong employment visa to work in Hong Kong, unless such employees have the right of abode or unconditional stay in Hong Kong

In order to qualify for a Hong Kong employment visa, the employee shall possess skills and experience relevant to the jobs that are unavailable in Hong Kong. This test can generally be satisfied in the case of an intra‐company or intra‐group transfer. The applicant will also be required to nominate a sponsor, which must be a Hong Kong company or a foreign company registered in Hong Kong. Accordingly, the sponsor will usually be the employer company.

Under normal circumstances, an employment visa application may be lodged with the Hong Kong Immigration Department by post or in person. The Immigration Department prefers that employees obtain visas before coming to Hong Kong but in some cases it is prepared to consider processing an application made after the employee has arrived in Hong Kong.

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